now available at the mabel cafe in mitcham

About us

Inkpi is a funny little word our family made up many years ago to describe the person, object, or place closest to our hearts.

After my younger sister was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was inspired to create something tangible to support our fundraising work with Kiss Goodbye to MS. officially launched in 2016 with ‘Anna’, an organic cotton tee that symbolizes my sister’s strength and determination to leave her shadow (MS) behind.   

Fast forward a few years and I can proudly say that my two 'Anna' hoodies have been on constant rotation in my washing basket since August 2016, and they are still going strong!  I love that our organic tanks, tees and hoodies positively impact the lives of Fair Trade farmers and their familes.  And I am proud of our decision to use organic, sustainable materials.  I believe the 'feel good factor' that comes with these choices makes our tees feel even softer.  

Thank you for being here and supporting our efforts to Kiss Goodbye to MS, 

Kate x