About us


Designing and decorating a home is an organic and intuitive process, a visual journey of discovery culminating in a natural expression of the inhabitants of a space.

As one of Melbourne’s leading interior design firms Beautiful Room has a reputation for providing a high level of service, intuitive and creative design solutions, and the creation of bespoke spaces that inspire and tell an intimate story about the people who inhabit them.

The design team approach every property as a whole with each room an exploration and extension of the individual facets of a client’s unique style and living needs. Whether your project involves the design and creation of a handful of scatter cushions, selection of paint colours, design of a new kitchen or working alongside an architect to design and furnish your new home from the ground up, Beautiful Room gives you the flexibility to stage your project according to your priorities, budget and timeframe.



Maree’s awarded and extensive experience provides valuable project direction and management. Maree can assist with developing architectural planning and offers insightful concept development, drawings for room layout including bathroom, laundry and kitchen renovations and all cabinetry.

Maree turned an early love of textiles and sewing into the cornerstone of her career and established her design foundations through years in couture fashion. This is evident in her use of soft furnishings and layers woven into each project.

Maree’s style, while technically executed, is primarily aesthetically led. Each space is a carefully considered balance of colour, texture, fine detailing and an overall sense of classic simplicity. Thoughtfully mixing high-end and contemporary furnishings, vintage finds and her clients’ treasured possessions in layers, adding emotional depth to ensure the finished result “feels like home”.

This desire to design and decorate on a deeper level gives Maree’s work its signature warmth and honesty. Creating for client’s real livability.

Maree is an awarded Design Industry leader, recognized for her contribution to mentoring and influencing a new generation of Australian Interior Designers. Maree’s ability to create truly inspiring spaces has cemented her reputation as one of Australia’s best designers.


‘Your home should be a reflection of all that you love and hold close to your heart; your family, your dreams and momentos of a life well lived.’  Kate spent her childhood riding horses and climbing trees on a windswept Island in the middle of Bass Strait.  In 1998 Kate was one of eight Australian Year 12 Graduates to be offered a position in a British Hotel as part of the GAP Scheme.  After completing her contact Kate set off to see the world, with nothing but a Lonely Planet Guide to keep her company.  The next few months cemented her love of travel, time worn materials and places that tell a story.

In 2001 Kate graduated from Monash University with a passion for design.  Determined to fast track her career by gaining valuable industry experience, Kate undertook voluntary work experience at Beautiful Room before officially commencing her studies at RMIT in 2003.  Within months Kate was offered a full-time position at Beautiful Room as Maree’s Design Assistant.

Today, Kate continues to work closely with Maree, managing projects from her home office in Mitcham.  As a Designer, Kate has a special interest in developing and reworking architectural plans to create clever and considered spaces.  She reveals that ‘houses are never ‘finished’, but if you get the bones right, they will continue to evolve with you over the years, as your wants and needs change.'  Combing a love of natural materials with things that are a little bit quirky, have a patina or a 'story to tell', Kate intuitive approach allows clients to discover their own design aesthetic, resulting in individual spaces with depth and personality.